If You’re Going to Fight, Make Sure You are Prepared.

In trial or with legal problems, a strong, accurate, defendable real estate appraisal is a vital component of your legal position.

Expert Witness


ValPros has the expert appraisal witnesses that you need.

Jared Bonner:
Expert witness – United States Federal Court and the Superior Courts of North Carolina

  • Provider of expert witness testimony instruction and case study
  • Can Testify In Any Location
  • Produces appraisal education course materials and content
  • Provides high quality appraisals on complex properties, suitable for court

Appraisal questions concerning:

  • Historic value of property used for mortgage purposes (Forensic analysis)
  • Banks suing appraisers for false value conclusions or Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)
  • Valuing a portion of a lot taken by a neighbor
  • Determining value for a view, restricted by the illegal construction of a new home
  • Loss of value due to landslide (stigma)
  • Loss of value due to the home being damaged by the builder
  • Government taking a strip of land for street widening
  • Tax Assessed Value vs. True Market Value
  • His appraiser said… / her appraiser said…
  • Divorce and owning one of the most expensive homes in the state
  • The garage was on the neighbors property, and nobody knew of it for years
  • Native Growth Protection Easement on the site, and the new buyer wasn’t informed. What’s the property really worth
  • Massive sewer easement across the yard, and the seller hid the information from the buyer
  • Did a violent death in the house impact value?
  • …and many others